Department of Materials Chemistry

Uppsala Universitet, Uppsala, Sweden


The Ångström Advanced Battery Centre at the Department of Chemistry – Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University focus on synthesis, surface characterisation and structural techniques (in situ XRD and in situ ND) in the study of new materials (electrode and electrolyte) for lithium- and sodium-based batteries. Theoretical modeling at different length scales are also important. The Research leader is Prof Kristina Edström. A range of systems are being investigated including new polyanionic-type cathodes (e.g. phosphates, silicates, sulfates),
silicon, antimony, tin and oxide-based anodes and electrolytes (e.g. liquid, polymer and inorganic). Fundamental materials properties are being explored such as crystal structures, defect chemistry, ion diffusion pathways, electrode/electrolyte interface behavior and the influence of cell design on electrochemical performance. Also beyond lithium systems are investigated such as Li-O2, LiS, NaS, MgS, and organic based electrodes for Li-ion batteries.



  • Street: Department of Chemistry – Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University
  • Postcode: SE75121
  • City: Uppsala
  • Country: Sweden


Contact Person: Prof: Kristina Edsdtröm
Telephone: +46 70 1679006
Fax: +(46)18513548
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