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The MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology is one of the world’s leading nanotechnology research institutes. A total of 525 researchers work together on cutting-edge research at the highest level. The research focuses on key enabling technologies – nanotechnology, photonics, micro- and nano-electronics, biomolecular and polymer science, advanced materials, lab-on-chip, microfluidics – and exciting new cross-overs. Benefiting from facilities that rank among the very best on the globe, researchers deliver high-quality, competitive and frequently ground-breaking research. Our battery research is part of the “Storage and Conversion of Renewable Energy” application area of the MESA+ Institute, 
 which goal it is to exploit and expand the present expertise in the field of nano-related energy research through multidisciplinary collaboration between various research groups. Battery research is focused on the study of novel nanostructured thin films with special structural and advanced functional properties at the incorporated interfaces. Epitaxial thin film technology is used to control the crystal orientation of lithium-ion thin films in ideal model systems, which enables a unique insight into the relation between electrochemistry and crystal directionality, not obtainable in single crystals or polycrystalline samples.


  • Street: Hallenweg 15
  • Postcode: 7522 NH
  • City: Enschede
  • Country: Netherlands


  • Contact Person: Mark Huijben
  • Telephone: +31 (0) 53 4893689
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Tags: Energy storage, Materials for energy, Chimie douce, Materials characterization


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