Do you want to build your knowledge and develop your skills to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges?

Right now, the Department of Physics at Chalmers is looking for PhD candidates worldwide, wanting to enter a doctoral program at the forefront of science. Our PhD students develop abilities to plan, perform, critically review and present their research. In the process, they prepare for a flexible career with many opportunities in academia, industry and society.

You will be a part of an excellent and innovative environment as a member of one of our research groups and you will work in an international and interdisciplinary surrounding as a full-time employee with an attractive salary.

Chalmers offers a cultivating and inspiring working environment in the dynamic city of Gothenburg
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The Department of Physics
Stimulated by major needs and developments in science and to attain a sustainable society, the ambition of the Department of Physics is to provide a creative environment for academic research, learning and outreach. We address a wide range of experimental, computational, methodological and theoretical challenges and our activities span from fundamental to applied research. You will be associated with a graduate school in either Physics, Materials Science, Nuclear Engineering or Biosciences. We have a strong learning commitment on all levels from undergraduate to PhD studies where physics meets engineering. We offer a stimulating and creative workplace in a modern setting with state-of-the-art research facilities.

The Department of Physics strives to combine world leading research with a good work/life balance including paid vacation, parental leave and other employment benefits. We actively promote diversity and gender equality.

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Major responsibilities 
Your major responsibility is to pursue your doctoral studies. You are expected to develop your scientific concepts and communicate the results of your research both orally and in writing. The position generally also includes teaching at Chalmers' undergraduate level or performing other departmental duties corresponding to a maximum of 20 per cent of contracted working time.

To qualify as a PhD student at Chalmers, you must have a university degree at an advanced level of at least 240 higher education credits. The position requires sound verbal and written communication skills in English. Please note that each separate PhD position below may have additional qualification requirements.

Application procedure
For all of the PhD positions the application should be marked with ref number and written in English. The application should be sent electronically and be attached as pdf-files. The specifics are outlined in each advertisement.

For questions, please contact the recruiting manager for the specific position you are interested in. Contact information can be found in the advertisment for each position.

In this call we announce the PhD positions listed below. The positions are connected to specific research projects and you are welcome to apply to all of those that match your interests.

Application deadline: 31st March 2021.

Available positions:

PhD student position in Computational studies of liquid chromophores, ref 20210075

PhD student position in Electrolytes for Metal-Organic Multivalent Batteries, ref 20210076

PhD student position in Applications of light-driven nanomotors in life sciences, ref 20210084

PhD student position in Life-science Applications of Metasurface Emitting Lasers, ref 20210087

PhD student position in Experimental Subatomic Physics, ref 20210089

PhD student position in Single Metal Nanoparticle - Hydrogen Interactions, ref 20210090

PhD student position in Computational Physics of Metasurface Emitting Lasers, ref 20210092

PhD student position in Next generation batteries: Operando imaging and spectroscopy, ref 20210093 

PhD student position in Theoretical Nuclear Physics, ref 20210094

PhD student position in dark matter particle phenomenology, ref 20210096

PhD student position in Adaptive Multiscale Modeling in Heterogeneous Catalysis, ref 20210099

*** Chalmers declines to consider all offers of further announcement publishing or other types of support for the recruiting process in connection with this position. *** 

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