Institute of Energy and Climate Research IEK-1 (Materials Synthesis and Processing)

CIC energiGUNE building
IEK-1 is a world leader in investigating and developing functional ceramic materials and processing technologies for highly efficient energy conversion and storage systems. Bridging the gap between basic science and applications, our research encompasses solid-state lithium and sodium batteries; solid oxide cells (fuel cells and high-temperature electrolysis); gas separation membranes for oxygen and hydrogen production; thermal and environmental barrier coatings for gas turbines
as well as multiscale modeling of materials and processes. Battery research at IEK-1 mainly focuses on the development of solid-state batteries, covering the whole chain from the development of electrolyte and active materials to component design including thin film technologies, up to the integration of materials and components in full cells.



  • Street: Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße
  • Postcode: 52425
  • City: Jülich
  • Country: Germany



  • Contact Person: Olivier Guillon
  • Telephone: +49 2461 61 4440
  • Fax: +49 2461 61 9866


Tags: Energy storage, Materials for energy, Chimie douce, Materials characterization


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