Universités d'Aix-Marseille I,II et III - CNRS, Marseille, France

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Aix Marseille University (AMU) originates from the merging in January 2012 of the three pre-existing Universities in the Aix-Marseille area. AMU is now the largest university in France in terms of student number (71 000, including 4000 PhD Students), staff (7500 persons, including faculty and research) and budget (650 million euros). The research activities of the Electrochemistry of Materials Group (ElMa) of MADIREL (Laboratoire MAtériaux Divisés, Interfaces, Réactivité, ELectrochimie, UMR CNRS 7246) are focused on materials for energy storage and conversion, including lithium-ion microbatteries, ionomer membranes for electrochemical energy technologies and nanomaterials for photovoltaics. Some examples of recent work are the electrochemical fabrication of TiO2 nanotube arrays by electrochemical anodization of titanium metal, the conformal electrochemical deposition of polymers, including PEO-PMMA inside TiO2 nanotubes and PEDOT on silicon nanowires, and the preparation of various cation- and anion-conducting membranes, based on aromatic polymers.



  • Street: Madirel, Campus de Saint Jérôme, Avenue Escadrille-Normandie-Niemen
  • Postcode: F-13397
  • City: Marseille
  • Country: France


Contact Person: Philippe Knauth
Telephone: +33 413 55 1808
Fax: +33 413 55 1850
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